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International Women’s Ski Day – December 12th Telluride

International Women’s Ski Day – December 12th Telluride


2015_IWSD blog header_mergedCalling all Ladies… Saturday December 12th join us in celebrating International Women’s Ski Day and Telluride’s own Chicks on Sticks: A day of skiing, free demos, head to toe gear giveaways, and endless toasts to winter!

Meet at The BootDoctors in Mountain Village at 10 am for coffee and pastries, tutus, and FREE 2015/16 Demo Skis. Spend the day shredding around the ski area with some of Telluride’s premier female athletes.

At 3 pm, toast to winter at Tomboy Tavern for an après ski libation and free giveaways including head to toe ski packages from Volkl, The North Face, Patagonia, Arcteryx, Marmot, Smith, Hestra, and more. Dress up to be entered in the raffle for FREE VOLKL SKIS! We look forward to seeing you there!

International Women's Ski Day

Details: Whether you like cruising corduroy, carving a fine arc, ripping fresh lines through powder or dancing down high mountain couloirs, we are ready to show you a great time.

When: BootDoctors Mountain Village at 10 am for coffee, pastries, fresh smoothies and get set up on new 2015-16 ski demos.

Split into small groups to explore our ski area with some of our best lady skiers who are ready to share their secret stashes and help you to stretch your grin muscles. Want to try several skis? Drop back to the base of lift four anytime to trade out your skis. Our ski buyer and ski rental manager Kelli Gleason and sister Galena share their inside track on ladies’ skis. Both were ski testers for SKI and SKIING Magazine 2016 gear tests.

What to bring: You, your boots, poles, skis (Free demos available), smiles and a costume of choice.  Don’t forget your phone to gather new ski partners digits and your camera to document the event and share images on our Face Book page.

Drinks: At 3 pm we will re-group at Tomboy Tavern for an après ski libation and fun giveaways….did we mention prizes?

Questions: Call Kelli at Oak Street 970-728-4581

Early Season Turns in Telluride, CO

Early Season Turns in Telluride, CO

BootDoctors® and Paragon Outdoors in Telluride, CO is glad to have a new member of our team; Chris Dickson.  Chris is working at the Paragon store on Main Street.  He’s a passionate climber, skier and all around good guy, we are stoked to have him on board.  Chris decided to get out into the San Juans and get some turns in before the current low pressure system (yes, it’s currently hammering us with snow). rolled into town.  Here’s a few pictures to whet the pallet and get your ski stoke building! Stop by Main Street and say hi to Chris.

Images: Chris DicksonEarly Season 1 IMG_5228 IMG_5241

BootDoctors® Bike Guru Max Cooper Featured

BootDoctors® Bike Guru Max Cooper Featured

Rider: Max Cooper Image: Ben Knight as Featured in

Rider: Max Cooper Image: Ben Knight as Featured in

Featured on written by Katie Klingsporn

“The duf duf sounds of EDM music come into earshot first. Soon thereafter, a figure rolls up on a well-loved purple hardtail Niner. He’s got his usual trappings: jammy pack, pink sleeveless jersey that looks at least 15 years old, and plan for a ride that, on its face, appears to be stupid-crazy, but somehow turns out to be unforgettably fun.

Max Cooper is a masterful mountain biker, no doubt about that. With crushing legs and intuitive ease, he shreds the trails around Telluride in that playful and skilled manner only certain riders possess: the ones whose bikes appear to be extensions of their limbs. Watching him ride is a thing of beauty—if you can keep up.”

Read the Full Article Here

“Road Tripping and Fly Fishing” w/ Buck Smith

“Road Tripping and Fly Fishing” w/ Buck Smith

Road Tripping and Fly Fishing
Photos and Words by Buck Smith


My first look at the Gunnison River, its pristine waters slowly cutting through a deep desert landscape, reveals a scene that seemed out of place in Colorado, a drastic contrast to the normally turbid silt riddled rivers that spill out of the high country this time of year. Still six hundred feet above the river we could see mats of emerald green vegetation clinging to the riverbed, shimmering beneath crystal clear water, I felt thirsty.  After spending all of my 26 years in Colorado, I again found myself in a world completely new to me, familiar, yet unique in the high desert of southwest.

Two days earlier, I was sitting in Ophir enjoying my offseason, home between spontaneous trips to the desert, Front Range, biking, more fishing, camping and everything else that peaks my interests.  My phone lit up, “Thinking about exploring the Gunny Gorge for a couple days, want to join?” Bobby and I had been talking about making our way to this world renowned fishery for a while, knowing I had no tethers keeping me from checking this amazing place off my ever expanding list, my decision was easy.  I quickly gathered all the gear I would need and left early the next morning, excitedly hoping that this famed river would live up to its reputation.

Unlike the high country, seemingly locked in limbo between a dry winter and the coming spring, the desert was in full bloom, cactus flowers and Indian Paintbrush grew dispersed among the Juniper and Sage, every breath was a sweet reminder that spring was here.  The hike down Ute trail was quick, wanting to spend as much time as possible in the river; we hastily made our way down the 1200’ walls of the gorge.  Reaching the bottom we scanned the river hoping for signs of fish rising. We both prefer dry flies to nymphing especially in such clear water, but after a moment of observation we agreed that staying below the surface would give us the best chance of tempting a monster from the depths.

Geared up and in the water, I quickly find a promising section of river, a small seam between a deep rapid and the green rocky shallow I had waded onto.  A hand full of casts later my indicator jolts upstream, practice aided instinct kicks in, the hook is set and the tip of my 4 weight rod is ripped down towards the surface of the water as my reel screams, line being ripped out as the fish turns into the current.  Pulling my rod to the left, I slowly battle my quarry; pulling it back into calmer water I see the yellow telltale color of a nice brown trout.  Now comes the tricky part, the indicator keeps me from reeling him in any further, slowly, I pull the fish as close as possible, my arms spread wide trying to make up for the 12’ of leader and tippet separating me and the fish.  I dipped my net in the water, “got him!” About an inch short from spanning the entire length of my net, a 20 incher, always a prize in my book, a quick photo and the fish is back in the water disappearing into the depths it came from. The rest of the day continued much like this, screaming reels, bent rods and quick glimpses of the natural beauties our world has to offer.

For the first time I didn’t feel like I needed to keep fishing till lack of light kept me from changing my flies or seeing details in the river.  After landing a gorgeous 24’ kype jawed rainbow, one of the most beautiful fish I have had the pleasure of seeing in person, I sat on a grassy bank, completely content to watch time flow by like the emerald river in front of me.  A true treasure of a day, the hike back to the top of the gorge in the afternoon sun was easy, filled with the very recent memories of the best day I have had with a fly rod in my hand.

Click here to book a guided trip with BootDoctors® and Solitary Anglers

image.pngA word from the Doctor:  Buck Smith is a BootDoctors® Telluride employee that works in the Mountain Village Store during the winter months, as a key member of our rafting team during the runoff season and a Mountain Bike aficionado to round out the rest of the season.

Jill Burchmore – 20 Week Running Training Class

Jill Burchmore – 20 Week Running Training Class

Jill Running

BootDoctors® and Jill Burchmore Present
20 Week Group Running Training
Ideal for Imogene Pass Run Preperation
April 29th – Sept 9th
Wednesdays @ 7:15am and 9:15am

20 week course
Cost is $325/person
1 day/week training class with group, meets at Paragon Outdoors on Main Street Telluride, CO.
Training provides a schedule to follow the other days of the week. Schedule implements the Lydiard method
The training classes begin at ground zero and work up through hills, speed work/intervals and high altitude training.
24/7 coach consult available via phone, text or email.
Conference calls on everything from nutrition to how to dress, Shoes, what to expect in Imogene race, etc.
Each participant gets a free pair of SmartWool Phd Running socks!
For those doing the Imogene, we meet as a group on race day in Ouray.  Race day transportation assistance provided.


Contact Paragon Outdoors on Main Street with questions 970-728-4525