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While worries swirl around the tiny town of Telluride about lack of snow this season Bill Jensen, the CEO of Telluride Ski Resort,
lays to rest the negative rumors and reveals his epic plan for the next season:

CEO Bill Jensen Addresses Telluride Rumors * Telluride Magazine

Telluride’s rumor mill spins fast and furious in this small town, but ski resort CEO Bill Jensen spoke this week to quash the speculation. No, the resort is not shutting down because of warm weather. The resort still has water to make snow, and snowmaking will continue until Feb.

TELLURIDE SKI MOUNTAIN: Nearly 2 feet in 5 days and 11″ in 48 hours

TELLURIDE SKI MOUNTAIN: Nearly 2 feet in 5 days and 11″ in 48 hours


For all you powder lovers out there, here are some incredible powder turns from our photo shoot
with Wagner Custom Skis and Brett Schreckengost.
Watch our snow report, by CLICKING HERE, for terrain expansion updates.

Powder Thursday

Nearly 2 feet in 5 days and 15″ in 48 hours, offered incredible powder turns for our photo shoot with Wagner Custom Skis and Brett Schreckengost. Watch our snow report,, for terrain expansion updates.

BootDoctors & Christy Sports Join Powerful Forces

BootDoctors & Christy Sports Join Powerful Forces


With shared common core values as family-based operations, BootDoctors and Christy Sports
collectively provide quality products and exceptional customer service.

“We’ve been looking to grow our presence in Telluride, and we’re also excited to have the opportunity to enter into Taos,” stated Patrick O’Winter, Christy Sports Chairman.
“Acquiring BootDoctors with its well-established brand reputation is the perfect way to expand in these key Rocky resorts.”
Read the full story below from TELLURIDE INSIDE & OUT.


Christy Sports Acquires BootDoctors

Christy Sports LLC, one of the largest winter sports specialty retailers in the nation, today announced its most recent acquisition BootDoctors, a specialty retailer of ski, snowboard and bike products and services, which currently operates out of three locations in Telluride, Colorado and two locations in Taos, New Mexico.

Does it feel like Summer is slipping away? FEAR NOT!

Does it feel like Summer is slipping away? FEAR NOT!


There’s plenty of daylight left for you to explore,

enjoy and invigorate your self.

Colorado offers many wonderful challenges and opportunities to maximize your outdoor experience.


If you feel a crick in your neck when you look up at the tops of the mountains in Colorado, there’s a good reason.

Colorado has the most peaks over 14,000 feet of any state of our nation. 58 in total, a number that is debated but is the official count by the Colorado Geological Survey.

Others claim 53. But who’s counting? Perhaps the number most important to you is the number you have or will summit in your lifetime.

If this is your first attempt to tackle a big climb, perhaps you might adhere to the advice from the Coloradan, on the top beginner 14ers.


Or maybe you are in the elite class of highly trained athletes looking to break records.

Here is the account of Andrew Hamilton, speed climber’s jaw-dropping expedition to climb all 58 peaks in record time.


Check out the diverse Summer happenings in Telluride Colorado.

Here you can combine walks or bike rides in the wildflower laden high country with festivals of music, art, film, wine, food or mushrooms!


Also, be sure to plan some fun thing to do this Fall in Telluride.

Come on out and play! We are here to help you have the time of your life in Telluride and Taos.

The friendly folks at BootDoctors!


TRAIL ETIQUETTE: Be Present, Be Cool, Be Courteous

TRAIL ETIQUETTE: Be Present, Be Cool, Be Courteous


Although we may all have different goals while on the trails,
we share similar reasons for being there.

Exercise, training, headspace, inspiration, or connecting with friends and family.
And for all of us to be safe and have fun on Telluride’s endless trails, it’s important we follow the same rules.
Check out the full article below from TELLURIDE INSIDE & OUT.

The BootDoctors: Trail Etiquette: Be Present, Be Cool, Be Courteous

“The (Boot)Doctor is in the House” is a series from beloved family-owned and operated outdoor retailer BootDoctors to share the power of mountain life: adventure, style, gear, and community. Here the good guys always get to ski powder and bag summits and the sunset is always spectacular.

PHOTO CREDIT: Melissa Plantz Photography




There you are. It’s 8.30 AM and it just dumped over a foot of fresh powder overnight.
The scramble for your gear begins and you shove some random substance in your mouth for a few calories as you dart out the door.
But then it dawns on you, which chair is going to have the shortest line???
You check out the web cam for Telski and the lines don’t look too good. If only there was a webcam that showed the lines at the Gondola and Chair 8!
Well lay your worries to rest my friends and let me introduce you to the BootDoctors BootCam.
Conveniently located at the humble Oak St location, there is now a perfect view of the entire area that lay at the base of the mountain.


Bootcam: Telluride Mountain Live Webcam & Current Weather | BootDoctors® Ski, Snowboard & Bike Shop


But why stop there? Check in to see the start of the Rundola on 4th of July, or the mega action of Film Festival, the Rail Jam that’s kicks off the ski season,
or maybe you just want to add it to your list of live shots while you sit at your work desk and cling to the memories of those days when you
stood right here in amazement and imagined what it would be like to actually live the Telluride pace of life.