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LOCAL FLAVOR: Winter Up In Taos

LOCAL FLAVOR: Winter Up In Taos

Hatch green chili and margaritas are not the only “local flavors’ you can discover in Taos, New Mexico.

Custom fit ski boots and carefully selected outerwear from unique sources dedicated to sustainability are some of the other treasures you can discover at our flagship Bootdoctors’ store in Taos Ski Valley.

Bootdoctors has been the locals choice since 1986, never wavering from their drive to exceed our guests’ expectations with personal expert help.

Travel writer Michael Dax and photographer Gabriella Marks searched for one-of-a-kind outdoor shops and found our original Bootdoctors’ store in Taos Ski valley, NM. Here is an excerpt of the article they wrote:

“I desired the kind of personal service and attention to detail that only a local, community-based shop could provide. Not only do stores like the ones listed below care deeply about their customers, but often, their management and staff have decades of experience to draw upon and are able to tailor their advice to your interest and ability level. ‘With our employees and our customers, I feel like we have become more of a family,’ Linda Mogetz of BootDoctors in Taos Ski Valley says. This was exactly the kind of service I was looking for, and on top of that, supporting stores like this can be essential to maintaining local economies.”

Read more about their experience here…

Winter-Up – Local Flavor

(Story by Michael Dax; Photos by Gabriella Marks) This summer, after a few years of hemming and hawing-my standard process leading up to any big-ticket gear purchase-I finally decided to buy my first alpine touring skis.

STIO APPAREL: What’s inside your outdoor gear matters!

STIO APPAREL: What’s inside your outdoor gear matters!

Bootdoctors has always searched for the most innovative creators of outdoor gear. We seek out suppliers who strive for the highest quality while actively caring about the earth and engaging in sustainable sourcing.

Stio is a prime example of the best of outdoor industry suppliers. They are actual outdoors enthusiasts who integrate their own love of the outdoors with production of the finest products to help you engage in mountain recreation.

Galena Gleason, Bootdoctors’ Head of Purchasing, combines her lifetime of engagement in outdoor sports with her knack for finding the newest, most exciting lines to our customers. Stio approached Galena to be an Outpost partner the first year they started working with independent retailers. She explains that the clothing line immediately struck a chord with her:

“I took a quick glance at the line and knew immediately it would be a perfect fit for Bootdoctors. The quality of craftsmanship, sustainable values, and reasonable price points of Stio all align with the level of products that we strive to bring to our customers.”

A visit to the Jackson Hole headquarters reinforced her initial positive feelings. Galena:”I was able to visit the Stio headquarters in Jackson Hole 2 winters ago. It was very inspiring to see the design process from a to z being brought to fruition at the base of the Tetons. The Stio team is made up of very passionate lovers of the outdoors and it is evident in the product that is coming to market. They truly care about the consumer and are designing garments to withstand the rigors of adventure and time.”

Try it yourself!

The new 2019 Winter Stio is arriving daily in our Telluride Main street and Mountain Village stores. Come try it on. It may be a perfect fit with your activities, values and lifestyle.


Stio’s values include being caretakers of the resources they use to create products, including Bluesign* approved textiles; being active outdoorsmen and women truly in touch with nature on a daily basis; being on the cutting edge of innovation; and balancing work with play.

Galena was also “pleased to learn they have a strong environmental initiative. The Bluesign* approved textile commitment speaks volumes to the ideals that are driving Stio as a company.”

At Bootdoctors we also believe firmly in the value of walking our talk. We wear the garments we sell and can speak the truth about their value. Galena has put Stio to the test herself:

“I personally own 2 Stio pieces and I find myself wearing them constantly. It is comfortable, stylish, and amazingly suited to withstanding even the harshest elements.”

Read more about the Stio values HERE.


From the web site: “We work with cutting edge textile mills such as Polartec®, schoeller® and Toray®,which are among the most sophisticated and advanced mills operating in the apparel business. We continually strive to source environmentally friendly textiles…

How to ensure a ski tour is not a ski sore!

How to ensure a ski tour is not a ski sore!


BootDoctors’ good friend and Master Bootfitter Bob Egeland addresses the
challenges and opportunities with the new generation of AT boots.


Check out his hints on making sure your touring boots take you as far as you want to push it.
Then come in to Bootdoctors in Taos or Telluride to get your next pair of touring boots properly fitted.
We have Master bootfitters who specialize in touring boots.


Fabulous Feet: Master bootfitter Bob Egeland talks about how to approach AT boot fitting

While his profession might leave some feeling a bit squeamish, Bob Egeland, a board-certified Pedorthist, is passionate about keeping people happy in their ski boots all day long. And finding a comfortable fit is his top priority, especially for backcountry skiers who don’t have the option to take a break in the lodge if toes start to tingle.






Whether skiing, Nordic cruising or Fat Bike trail riding, we have all the gear
and friendly local advice you need for a great time at our 3 BootDoctors’ stores.
Shout out to all our great local businesses who helped make this a memorable experience!


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Telluride Trifecta of Olympic Athletes!

Telluride Trifecta of Olympic Athletes!


We are so proud to have three local Telluride athletes competing at the PeyongChang Olympic Winter 2018 games in three disciplines.
Freeskier Gus Kenworthey returns after his silver medal win in 2014. Keaton McCargo worked hard for her place on the Women’s Moguls team
a very competitive set. Kearney also faced a very tough field of snowboarders to earn a coveted snowboard cross spot.
All three were members of the Telluride Ski & Snowboard Club in their youth.
They share their life stories & passion…


See how he found his fire to qualify for his 2nd Olympics:

Telluride skier Gus Kenworthy finds fire, improves Olympic chances with win

After a rough few days in Snowmass, Telluride freeskier Gus Kenworthy came into Sunday’s U.S.-team selection slopestyle event with a little tighter focus knowing the Team USA qualifying was coming down to the wire. Kenworthy, who won slopestyle silver at the Sochi Games, did not advance to the finals of Thursday’s Toyota Grand Prix slope event.

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