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Hatch green chili and margaritas are not the only “local flavors’ you can discover in Taos, New Mexico.

Custom fit ski boots and carefully selected outerwear from unique sources dedicated to sustainability are some of the other treasures you can discover at our flagship Bootdoctors’ store in Taos Ski Valley.

Bootdoctors has been the locals choice since 1986, never wavering from their drive to exceed our guests’ expectations with personal expert help.

Travel writer Michael Dax and photographer Gabriella Marks searched for one-of-a-kind outdoor shops and found our original Bootdoctors’ store in Taos Ski valley, NM. Here is an excerpt of the article they wrote:

“I desired the kind of personal service and attention to detail that only a local, community-based shop could provide. Not only do stores like the ones listed below care deeply about their customers, but often, their management and staff have decades of experience to draw upon and are able to tailor their advice to your interest and ability level. ‘With our employees and our customers, I feel like we have become more of a family,’ Linda Mogetz of BootDoctors in Taos Ski Valley says. This was exactly the kind of service I was looking for, and on top of that, supporting stores like this can be essential to maintaining local economies.”

Read more about their experience here…

Winter-Up – Local Flavor

(Story by Michael Dax; Photos by Gabriella Marks) This summer, after a few years of hemming and hawing-my standard process leading up to any big-ticket gear purchase-I finally decided to buy my first alpine touring skis.