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They say all that the gold was mined out of the hills but there is still treasures

to be found for those who take to the trails.



Sarah Enders is herself such a rare find, a dedicated bike and ski mechanic who loves to share the “gold” she discovers on a mountain bike ride in the Fall.

Go for the gold as you read more below on  TELLURIDE INSIDE & OUT.


BootDoctors: A perfect fall day? Get on a bike.

This week, the BootDoctor in the House focuses on a perfect fall day in and around Telluride. Which makes it a perfect day for biking. Especially with BootDoctors’ bike mechanic extraordinaire, Sarah Ender. ( All images are by Melissa Plantz.) It’s one of those September afternoons in Telluride when summer and fall collide to create utter perfection.