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There’s plenty of daylight left for you to explore,

enjoy and invigorate your self.

Colorado offers many wonderful challenges and opportunities to maximize your outdoor experience.


If you feel a crick in your neck when you look up at the tops of the mountains in Colorado, there’s a good reason.

Colorado has the most peaks over 14,000 feet of any state of our nation. 58 in total, a number that is debated but is the official count by the Colorado Geological Survey.

Others claim 53. But who’s counting? Perhaps the number most important to you is the number you have or will summit in your lifetime.

If this is your first attempt to tackle a big climb, perhaps you might adhere to the advice from the Coloradan, on the top beginner 14ers.


Or maybe you are in the elite class of highly trained athletes looking to break records.

Here is the account of Andrew Hamilton, speed climber’s jaw-dropping expedition to climb all 58 peaks in record time.


Check out the diverse Summer happenings in Telluride Colorado.

Here you can combine walks or bike rides in the wildflower laden high country with festivals of music, art, film, wine, food or mushrooms!


Also, be sure to plan some fun thing to do this Fall in Telluride.

Come on out and play! We are here to help you have the time of your life in Telluride and Taos.

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