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Who's Your Doctor - Wild Bill

In our series of “Who’s Your Doctor?” we will be exploring the personalities that make us who we are here at the BootDoctors®.  It is with great pleasure that I present to you “Wild” Bill Lynch aka The Silver Surfer (due to the all silver suit Bill wears while Snow Boarding) of the Taos, NM BootDoctors® team.  Next time your in the shop be sure to say hello to Bill, if you didn’t know him before you will in a few minutes!

BD: “Bill how long have you been in Taos?”

WB: “30 Years”

BD: “We’ve handed you the controls for earth and you can line up your perfect day in the mountains, what would be in store for the day?”

WB: “Chest Deep, Kachina Peak, Blue Bird and I’m skiing with my girlfriend”

BD: “What is your favorite thing about working with the BootDoctors®?”

WB: “Our technical knowledge and the level of respect the bosses give the staff, we get to utilize all of our facilities, tools, and skill sets to the maximum.  Being in the know on gear and the industry is pretty bad ass.”

BD: “Favorite Run at Taos Ski Valley?”

WB: “Prime Real Estate off Kachina Peak”

BD: “If you could trade places with anyone for one week, alive or dead, real or fictional, human or…well you get the idea, who and why?”

WB: “Nobody, me!”

BD: “Tell me about that bad ass skull ring.”

WB: “The ring was made for me by a tattoo artist named Brian Everett (Route 66 Tattoos click for FB link)  Brian said that if I took him skiing on the ridge and scared him without killing him he’d give me a tattoo or make me a ring; I said I want a skull ring.  The rings name is the punisher, yes I’m left handed.”

BD: “If Hollywood made a movie about your life, who would you want to play Wild Bill?”

WB: ” Jeff Bridges, The Dude”

BD: “Anything that you would like to say to the BDocs family and blog folks?”

WB: “I love everyone, come and ski Taos and I’ll show you a great time day and night.  If you can keep up with me for 24 hrs I’ll give ya a $50.”