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2017 NORWOOD BIKE JAMBOREE: New Trails Are Opening

2017 NORWOOD BIKE JAMBOREE: New Trails Are Opening


2017 Norwood Bike Jamboree: New Trails Are Opening

Join Us May 19th, 20th & 21st, 2017!


Join us for dinner Saturday, May 20th, for the Bike Jamboree!!!
The Lone Cone Library will be throwing a fundraiser dinner, starting at 6:00 p.m. at the Livery.


Tickets are on sale now, hurry and buy yours so you don’t miss out on the fun.
Dinner, live music, GoPro video showdown from the riders (make sure you bring your best footage!), door prizes and more!!


Contact information is below, we look forward to seeing you all there, and don’t forget to bring a picnic blanket!





There you are. It’s 8.30 AM and it just dumped over a foot of fresh powder overnight.
The scramble for your gear begins and you shove some random substance in your mouth for a few calories as you dart out the door.
But then it dawns on you, which chair is going to have the shortest line???
You check out the web cam for Telski and the lines don’t look too good. If only there was a webcam that showed the lines at the Gondola and Chair 8!
Well lay your worries to rest my friends and let me introduce you to the BootDoctors BootCam.
Conveniently located at the humble Oak St location, there is now a perfect view of the entire area that lay at the base of the mountain.


Bootcam: Telluride Mountain Live Webcam & Current Weather | BootDoctors® Ski, Snowboard & Bike Shop


But why stop there? Check in to see the start of the Rundola on 4th of July, or the mega action of Film Festival, the Rail Jam that’s kicks off the ski season,
or maybe you just want to add it to your list of live shots while you sit at your work desk and cling to the memories of those days when you
stood right here in amazement and imagined what it would be like to actually live the Telluride pace of life.

The BootDoctors: Perfect Boot Fit Every Time

The BootDoctors: Perfect Boot Fit Every Time


The BootDoctors: Perfect Boot Fit Every Time

What’s the recipe for the perfect boot fit? Take a brilliant podiatrist with a passion for snow riding and running.
Put her in a remote mountain town where a world class ski area towers above. Add her to arguably the top bootfitting team in the Rockies.



The BootDoctors: Perfect Boot Fit Every Time

“The (Boot)Doctor is in the House” is a series from beloved retailer, BootDoctors, about mountain lore and stories in which the good guys still win and get to ski powder. The Big Idea is to share the power of mountain life: style, gear, community and community outreach, and adventures of all kind.

For more hot happening in Telluride, go scope TELLURIDE INSIDE & OUT!

“Local ski shop that survives against the odds…”

“Local ski shop that survives against the odds…”


“Local ski shop that survives against the odds…”


“The diehard skier clientele had to ford the river to reach their newly opened shop in Taos, New Mexico. But soggy boots were worth it….”




Contest Winner Greg Bufalini’s Telluride Adventure

Contest Winner Greg Bufalini’s Telluride Adventure

By Greg Bufalini.

I enjoyed an amazing Telluride fall weekend adventure, Sept.9-11, courtesy of GoHawkeye Foundation and their wonderful, life-changing and generous ways. Joined by my good buddy and prosthetist, Greg Mannino, we arrived on Friday afternoon at Telluride in time to be outfitted, courtesy of the Bootdoctors, with a nice Specialized FSR Enduro. We met up with Will and Craig for some live action mountain bike shoots off of Telluride’s famous bike park.


Descending probably 2000 feet, the course was a great test for my new BTK Crossover designed by Brian Bartlett at Leftside Industries, and it handled the task with flying colors. Its performance factor and durability were subjected to a 220 lb. frame, blasting on very rough and rocky terrain.

The formula was well conceived. The BTK Crossover was a true champion. Later, the Crazy Elk in Mountain Village has some great pizza.

On to our bright new day on Saturday morning, it was off to Trout Lake for some paddleboard testing thanks to the Bootdoctors. Again, after some stability practice, we managed to see the BTK Crossover in action with a balance based activity and also proving its waterproof capabilities,.. literally. After an amazing and restful lunch together, Hawkeye, Debbie, Will, Craig, Scott and I went for some great hiking up at Lizard Head Pass. Pristine alpine countryside surrounded us and Hawkeye led the way, knowing every rock, log and stump of his Rocky Mountain neighborhood.
A great dinner and conversation was shared by all at Oak BBQ, with some delicious food and company.

We ended our magical Telluride adventures on Sunday with perhaps the pinnacle of fun and excitement for me….Hawkeye again blew our socks off with his perfectly planned 19 mile mountain bike trail, up and around Trout Lake and then continuing on down through the most breathtaking scenery, views, ridgelines and forests, all lined in their fall Aspen best…

On through shallow creek crossings and ending with my favorite type of 30-mph dirt downhill, back to our awaiting camp and van, with sweetest Debbie again having our lunch spread at the ready, just like the kindest Alabama sweetheart she is.


I will have to say, that was one of the best days of my life.
The place.
The ride.
The friends.
The memories.

I need to sincerely thank all involved, beginning with my new brother, Hawkeye Johnson and his wife, Debbie, not only for a 5 star, first-class weekend at the Hotel Madeline in Telluride, but most importantly for what they do with the hearts they’ve been given in this life. They use their own, to make other folk’s hearts a little happier, a little stronger, a little healthier, than they once were. That’s what sets them apart from all the rest. They are thee very best. My gratitude is eternal.

Also to Will, Craig and Scott who assisted us tirelessly all weekend long. Without them, none of this weekend is possible. And certainly my thanks go to Fabtech Systems of Seattle for building this amazing knee and to ESI Ergonomic Solutions for donating it! Also to David and staff at the amazing Madeline Hotel, for such a VIP experience and a time in my life i will absolutely never, ever forget.

Til’ U Ride Telluride, U Ain’t Rode Nothin’.

G ☆

BD Race Team Stands Out In The 2016 M2D Bike Ride

BD Race Team Stands Out In The 2016 M2D Bike Ride



A favorite among locals, this years’ Mountains To Desert Bike Ride was yet another hit!  With the weather being a little brisk in the early morning for the descent from Telluride to the balmy temperatures at the finish line in Gateway, a good time was sure had by all!81d56de003999a75cdca416c811e5498 

With over 190 participants, the 70 – 100 mile (depending on where you started on the route) bike ride consists of towering 14,000-foot peaks and a curvy descent that parallels the San Miguel River down from Telluride.  The riders soon started a short climb at mile 28 which lead riders to the summit of Norwood Hill, overlooking miles of ranches, farmlands and the La Sal Mountains. 

From Norwood, the ride continues through Naturita, Nucla and Uravan and winds further along the Unaweep-Tabeguache Scenic and Historic Byway past the Hanging Flume. Riders passed millions of years of history, geology and ancient lands. The route subsequently meanders along the Dolores River at the base of thousand-foot red sandstone walls into the sleepy town of Gateway, CO. 

One of the best parts about this event is that each year the bike ride serves as the single fundraising event for the JUST FOR KIDS FOUNDATION. Every dollar raised through participant fundraising before and during the ride is matched dollar for dollar by the Carstens Family Fund at the Denver Foundation. That money is then awarded to individuals and organizations that provide leadership opportunities for regional youth as well as organizations that promote self-sufficiency and responsibility. Over the past ten years, the Just For Kids Foundation is proud to have raised over $2 Million; all of which has been awarded to hundreds of organizations benefiting thousands of underprivileged children. 


The BootDoctors’ ride team this year was quite the contingent in the overall race performance.  Our own Bob Gleason finished 13th, Max Cooper finished 2nd, Mike Messnar finished 6th and Ricky finished 2nd in the hill climb portion of the event. These standings were among a group of 199 riders from Telluride to Gateway. The team raised over $2,000 in fundraising efforts, to boot! We are very proud to have so many team members that are active and support such a great event for an even better cause. For the official race results, CLICK HERE

Get a recap of this years happenings by watching the video below and sign up for next year…it will be here before we know it! Next year’s Mountains to the Desert Bike Ride will take place on Saturday, September 23, 2017. Be sure to mark your calendars. Registration will likely open in early May. 

Check for updates.