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If you can’t fix it, Bryceless can! Not only does Bryce know technology, he’s a genius at planning excellent group adventures!

What is your name: Bryceless

How long have you been working at BootDoctors? 1 year and 1 month

How did you start at this job? I worked at Telluride Sports for 8 years while waiting for a spot to open up!

What are some jobs that you have done at BootDoctors? Rentals, IT and group sales and marketing

What is your current job at BootDoctors? Group Sales and Marketing Manager/ IT Manager

What is your favorite sport or outdoor activity? Beer League Softball, Skiing, Jeeping, Drinking

Where is your favorite place to visit? Lake Powell and Tuna Fishing in the PacificFullSizeRender

What are some fun things you have done with fellow BootDoctors peeps? Back country hiking/skiing

What do you like most about your job? Fun family atmosphere and group activities with co workers.

What is super special about what YOU do for customers? I hug it out with my customers.

What makes BootDoctors different from other outdoor retail stores? I have never seen a group with this much experience working together and cared for so much by the owners.

What is your experience background that makes you especially good at your job? A plethora of outside world experience helps me to understand how our visitors want to fully enjoy their vacation.

What is your secret super hero power? I know what you’re going to do before you do it.

What is your spirit animal? And Why? A Platypus- they are an odd creature that’s entertaining to watch, but when threatened they become vicious with poisonous venom in their claws.

What are your favorite toys from life? My jeep, skis, baseball mit, and my ice cream maker.