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Sam jumping Telluride mountain

Meet Sam! She is our foot specialist! By that, we are saying she customizes footbeds to ensure your comfortable in any outdoor setting, whether it is skiing, hiking, biking or even running!!

Name: Sam Tischendorf

How long have you been working for BootDoctors: Since winter 2013/2014

How did you start at BootDoctors? Bootfitting 🙂

What are some jobs that you have had within BootDoctors? Most things foot related and footwear

What is your current job? Footwear enthusiast. Encouraging better footwear choices, biopersonal biomechanic perfector and creator of custom foot beds. At the moment bike, run and hiking foot beds.

What is your favorite sport or outdoor activity? Wine drinking.. But also trail running and I just have recently gotten into mountain biking.

Where is your favorite place to visit? My new fave spot are all the canyons and desert areas close by.

What are some fun things you have done with fellow BootDoctors peeps? Ski to12002217_10152992725662541_5616760588009517684_n-1uring, hiking adventures (encouraging my confidence) and rafting is a hoot!

What do you like about your job? I love problem solving! The body is a fascinating device to take you every where.

What is super special about what you do for customers? Create comfort and support and ease their foot worries. I love happy feet and happy legs.

What makes BootDoctors different from other outdoors retail stores? We have phenomenal knowledge of business! And we cater to many needs 

What is your experience background that makes you especially good at your job? I love all sports and outdoor actives. My background is as a qualified Biomechanics specialized in podiatrist. (Australia trained and certified)

What is your secret superhero power? Talking (apparently)

What is your spirit animal? An Ostrich. I originate from South Africa, I love to run, and I am very protective of my friends and family. (eggs) 

What are your favorite toys from life? I now come with “accessories” since moving to Telluride…Anything that enables me to have a good time! 🙂 



Be sure to come into our main street store and let Sam set you up to have the most comfortable feet in town!!