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    The BootDoctors is seeking original artwork for our 3rd Annual BootDoctors, Wagner Custom Ski Art Contest.  We are looking for a single inspirational piece with a conceptual design that brings the audience closer to our mountain culture. We hope for a piece that inspires skiers to engage in nature and personal adventures in the outdoors.


  • • First Place = 1 pair of Wagner Custom Skis (value of $1,800), $500 cash and a $500 gift card to BootDoctors, total value = $2,800
  • • Second Place = $300 gift card
  • • Third Place = $200 gift card
    Other benefits: BootDoctors will widely publish the top choices in press, social media, advertising and direct e-mail blasts. You will receive lots of peer respect and kudos.
    Eligibility: The Contest is open to all who, at the time of entry, are eighteen (18) years or older, or if under the age of 18 the entry must be accompanied by a consent form signed by a parent/guardian. Participants can join the competition as individuals or in a team. There is no limit on the number of entries.


    If using a graphic design software program, download the specific template below. (Wagner Custom Skis suggests that the Adobe RGB 1998 profile works best):

    If submitting a hand drawn piece, use a rectangular shape canvas 195 cm (76.8”) long x 30 cm (11.8”) wide. It’s always easier to shrink then stretch the art.
    Submit a single inspirational graphic design theme for review by June 30th, 2016. These final submissions must adhere to the specifications noted above.
    The Finalist will then be asked to tweak the art and manipulate it into 6 different ski designs in collaboration with the Wagner Custom Skis Team (color changes, nuances, etc).
    Audience:  Adventurous traveler who loves the mountains, loves “Telluride culture”, loves skiing, and values unique, custom equipment.

    Conceptual themes to start the creative juices flowing:

    • The beauty found in the stillness and movement of skiing
    • Love of winter, love of snow, natural
    • Telluride or Colorado, Telluride native, homegrown, local, woodsies
    • “Freshies”, ski adventure, exploration, mountains, nature,
    • Unique, personal adventure, personal journey, personal expression
    • Spirit Animal, Call of the Wild

    It is the 30th anniversary of Bootdoctors so if you want to play with ideas that evoke 1986 ski culture that would be cool but not necessary.
    Suggested Colors (These are color pallets that have been successful in the past. We are open to new ideas as well): More towards neutral, natural or classic car colors
    Style: we are open to all kinds of designs, from realistic to abstract or painterly, photography, mixed media, cartoons, geometric or other
    Entries may be submitted by e-mail or DropBox to: or in person at Paragon Outdoors on Main St. 213 W. Colorado Ave, Telluride, CO 81432