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Fall Foliage Telluride - Rider Tony Jacobs - Photo Kristofer Noel

Tony Jakob (BootDoctors®, Paragon Outdoors Bike Buyer) takes in the scenery. Photo: Kristofer Noel

Bicycles are amazing little machines.  Throw your leg over, start pedaling and your are whisked away to a different land.  Sometimes it brings you back to childhood, where smiles and laughter erupt without control.  Other times it’s cleaning (riding without having to walk) that hill that has menaced you all season. Or the most basic form of pedal therapy; simply leaving the hectic work day behind and clearing your head.  We are blessed with an amazing network of trails surrounding both Telluride and Taos, if you have yet to ride them I urge you to do so and honestly, there is no better time that the golden season.

BootDoctors® Rider: Tony Jacobs Photo: Kristofer Noel

Tony Jakob leans his Pivot Mach 6 into a turn. Photo: Kristofer Noel

Gold Season Biking 2014-24

Tony finds some space to ‘open it up’. Photo: Kristofer Noel

The Gold Season can yield good rides in all hours of the day; however the morning light and evening light tend to combine for the most stunning visual experience.  Telluride has trails that are suited to beginners and intermediates right up to grueling multi hour grinds that will take you through golden Aspens set before high alpine peaks.  Stop by Paragon Outdoors on Main Street in Telluride, CO and have a chat with one of our knowledgable staff.  They will share the beta with you to get you on your way to an amazing Gold Season ride. Paragon also has 2015 bikes in stack already and great deals on 2014 bikes, if you are in need of a new ride there is no better time than now!
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Gold Season Biking 2014-18

Sarah Bobbe get’s ‘covered up’ by the leaning Aspens. Photo: Kristofer Noel

Gold Season Biking 2014-33

Sarah has certainly cleared her head by this point. Photo: Kristofer Noel

Sarah Bobbe racing towards sunset.  Photo: Kristofer Noel

Sometimes you’ve got to race the sun. Rider: Sarah Bobbe Photo: Kristofer Noel