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Leave it all behind and take a hike
We all get caught up in the melee of the summer months.  Work, projects around the house, trips to visit family and friends and grand ambitions to accomplish so much during such a short period of time, it can be all encompassing.  Once in a while we just need to pack the necessities and get away from it all for a night or two.  A stop by the Paragon Outdoors/BootDoctors® shop on Main St in Telluride and the mission was set, the gear was acquired and we were off…sometimes you just need to leave the phone behind, forget about e-mails and treat your self to some natural beauty.
Kristofer Noel 2014Kristofer Noel 2014

Stop by the shop if you need any ideas or an excuse for leaving the phone and e-mails behind….we’ve got a few up our sleeves that we would be willing to share.  Now go take a hike.Kristofer Noel 2014